The saying “no news is good news” does not apply to technical support. Whether it’s because you’re too busy (or going on vacation) to provide an update or ¬†you don’t have time to gather the information support has requested – then allow us to close the ticket. In the case of my company you still have several weeks in which you can reopen the issue. Support organizations have varying ways to measure productivity and “time to closure” is often one of them. Unfortunately for us, there’s no way to denote that the issue took so long to resolve because of the customer. Another measurement that is tracked is the frequency in which we make contact with you – and this is gauged by the severity. Meaning, the higher the severity the more frequently we are required to make contact with you.

Lastly, just as you expect an update from us when we’re off researching or testing something, we’d appreciate this from you. Especially when you’ve resolved the matter! It’s annoying to reach out to a customer who has grown silent, only to hear “oh you can close the ticket”. Sure we’re glad the matter has been resolved, but it’s just common courtesy to let us know.