It may come as a surprise but not all support analysts love to be on the phone. We have varying styles of troubleshooting. For example, given my years of experience, I like to start my troubleshooting by reviewing logs and determining the next steps. This allows me to juggle the many tickets in my queue and multitask. It’s not that I’m avoiding being on the phone but I prefer to arrange web conferences. This allows me to choose times convenient for us both (and possibly even an additional team member) and to prepare myself for your specific issue. The fact of the matter is, there are other demands on our time besides customer tickets. Just as we try to be respectful of your time – we appreciate you being respectful of ours. Don’t bombard us with emails and phone calls; don’t expect that we can drop everything and join a call at a moment’s notice. After all, we might be on a Severity 1 that isn’t and we’re stuck working with that customer until we can resolve it or get them to agree to lower the severity.