As a support analyst we didn’t create the process but we’re supposed to follow it (just like you are). The person that opens a ticket with us is known as a “named caller”. The “named caller” has a profile which includes their phone number and email address. By default, our email responses go to the address in your profile so our emails will be sent to that address. If you open your ticket and ask us to work with someone else – you’re complicating our job.¬†We’re not privy to your support contract but you should be able to add additional named callers so that other individuals can open their own support tickets. If you’re not able to add a named caller, don’t ask us to work with someone other than you. Ideally, we want to deal directly with a technical person who has access to the system(s) and can quickly provide us with details. At the same time, we really don’t want to work with the consultant you hired – who now appears to lack the skill to complete the job for which you’re paying them.

Now that you’ve opened the ticket and your contact information is correct and hopefully you’ve provided us with log files to start the ball rolling – please don’t tell us you’re going to be on vacation for the next week! If you’re going to be unavailable, how about opening the ticket once you’re back from vacation and ready to work the issue?