While it’s flattering you prefer “Technical Support Group A” instead of “Technical Support Group B” but you’re wasting time for us both. Most likely, Group A has limited if any experience with Group B’s product. Certainly Group B wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a need for experts on that product.

Group A’s first contact with you means we’re going to review items  our product, then we’ll have to try and engage Group B . While you may think Group A can now fast track your tick to group B, you’re wrong. Instead there’s probably a process we have to follow and you’ve just wasted a day with us; some more time trying to get Group B to look at your issue and even more time for that group to agree to take ownership of a ticket you opened with our team. Until then, everything flows thru Group A before it gets to Group B (and Group B may never agree to take over the ticket). Just think of how many days you’ll save when you open your next ticket directly with Group B?

Opening the ticket with the wrong team extends to opening a ticket with the wrong geography. If your ticket is opened with Group A who is based in the United States don’t expect that they can easily re-route this to an off-shore team. Support teams are staffed according to demand and are contractually based.If your support contract entitled to open the ticket with that off-shore team then you need to open it with that team. Otherwise, be prepared to work your ticket during the business hours of the team with which you opened the ticket. Sorry – speak to your management to see if this can be altered with a future support contract.

Similarly, it does no good to open a ticket with my company when the issue is with another company’s product, your trading partner, or when there’s an issue with your network. Again, we appreciate you like our support team better but is it really the quickest way at solving your technical problem? Yes, I get that your network team might not be the most responsive but I don’t know your network; how it’s configured; what devices are between the system on which our product is installed and the internet.